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Fits Bourgault - 1" Carbide Tip
Fits Bourgault - 1" Carbide Tip
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Fits Bourgault - 1" Carbide Tip

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1" Extra Long Carbide Tip with High Impact Resistant Carbide Insert. 

This tip combines a superior design, long lasting carbide and our automated TriMetal® Braze.

We use a more expensive Investment Casting Process to make the high chrome tip. This process virtually eliminates porosity and surface cracks while giving the part a superior surface finish.

Our tips are also produced using our unique automated TriMetal® Brazing process.  Automated process = consistent parts.  

Field tested and approved. Our tips work as hard as you do.  


  • Investment Casting process produces more consistent parts with superior surface finish compared to common sand-casting methods.
  • Investment Casting process results in increased surface strength and less surface cracks compared to Green-Sand processes.
  • The Investment Casting process also reduces internal part defects such as sand holes & air holes, which can lead to premature failure.

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    What's the difference between Investment casting and sand casting?     

    (OEM equivalent = 200-TIP-1011)

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